Built in the 14th century on the vineyard, the Château takes its name

in 1780 in tribute to Jean-Baptiste Genestre Baron de Malromé.

In 1809, it is transmitted to the brother of the Lady of Malromé, Jean de Forcade

which in turn yields the property by donation to his son Adolphe

and his half-brother Achille Leroy de Saint-Arnaud.

In 1883, Countess Adèle of Toulouse-Lautrec bought Malromé,

with 32 ha of vines to the widow of Forcade La Roquette.

His son Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is 19 years old, he already leads

a Parisian artistic life, learning from

Grand Masters: Leon Bonnat and Fernand Cormon.

The constraint of his physical appearance, leads him to seek freedom

in art, and reveals through his painting the reality of everyday life.

The drawings of his passions, such as horses, circus

or brothels, echo simultaneously its different states.

Over the dozens of rooms of the family estate the works of Toulouse-Lautrec

we plunge into the world of entertainment and bohemia.

The artist lived in this universe and reinterpreted it.

All aspects of the Henri de Toulouse Lautrec life

could be understood in this sentence:

“I bought my freedom with my drawings. “



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