Seminar content


Œno theatrical Masquerade Bal at the Castle

Libiamo ne'lieti calici

Before becoming wine production sites, Castles were designed as party venues.



Œno Musical Dinner at the Opera

Che la belleza infiora

The Bordeaux Opera will direct the orchestra of our six senses playing their best score in the perception of wine.


Œnomaritime Wine Sea

Return to the sea

The treasure of wine bottles in the ocean bottom where they were rocked to reach serenity.




Riding along the vineyards

Since the time of Henry IV the Castles welcome guests for equestrian leisure.



Œno gastronomic

Three pillars bordelais

Your three days stay is based on three gastronomic pillars: Pierre Gagnair, Philippe Etchebest and Gordon Ramsay.


ŒnoCreative Red Magic Potion

Create your own assemblage

You will integrate the pleiad of the great oenological alchemists.

Œnoculinary Master's hand

Epicurean apotheosis

Guided by the Grand Masters, compose new delicacies that make a perfect alliance with wine.



Un autre "chai" vous

Make the production of your wine from the selection of plots until the delivery of the bottles.


Œnoplayful Sixth Sense

Across borders

We develop the sens in creative games, such as wine music, or cognitive games, like the wine casino, and so on upto the quintessence.

Œno competitive Rally around Châteaux

In the spirit of James Bond

Which wine will be your favorite while riding around the Châteaux bordelais an exceptional motor car?



In order to buy better

You will visit Bordeaux castles at your choice and taste up to 350 brands at a renowned trader.


Grands Crus Classés

The vines at Bord'eau

The selection of Grands Crus Classés Châteaux will allow you to sublimate your elitist choices.


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