Victoria Lipets

After a career in vineyard management abroad as well as a many years’ experience at the head of a premium travel agency & events naturally, Victoria chooses to implement this expertise in France! Our team of permanent and external stakeholders with complementary know-how, used to working in total synergy will put his skills & creativity at your service! From the advice to the design and the integral follow-up, we take into account all the practical and logistic elements so that your event shell be PERFORMANT!

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To create a theatrical event, we will need a feather and magical spells. Our experts in staging tales and legends will enlighten you. Then, it will be up to you to entrust us with your dreams … We will build a scenario and then realize it in a context and a specific place … You will become a producer and an actor of this work thanks to Bordeaux Châteaux Events. Be Romeo or Juliet, James Bond, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or a novel character … The Bordeaux Castles will be the stage of your events.


Reveal to us your most unusual dreams … The creation of your scenario will be child’s play in joy and energy. You will start by giving us some heroes or heroines to whom you identify. Our combined imaginations will make you travel to a universe where everything is possible. It will remain to embody this character by giving him a canvas. Then you will choose the place and context where the plot will take place… From then on, you will bring a natural and original ending to your story. I will give you a leg up to prevent a possible early “fall”.


The saga of your life will be eternal in a photo-cinematographic report. Like all works of art your personal event requires being witnessed, valued and memorized by your entourage and future generations. The virtuosity of the cameras will attest with fidelity and ubiquity the place, the moment, the characters, the actions, the sound and the precise emotions, which will remain engraved unaltered in the History. Your story will be recapitulated as a play in a photo-cinema-documented epilogue. Make a gift or a acknowledgment to your hosts with a souvenir image!

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